Our cafe is a real heaven for those having sweet tooth. Unbelievable number of delicate and exquisite cakes and shortcakes every day brings joy to Vladivostok citizens and guests.

Our pastry cooks create wonderful desserts such as Pine apple freshness, Tiramisu, Chocolate-with-waffle, Sour cream Prune in following the original recipes.

In our cafe you also can taste homemade-like delicious pirozhki patties with cabbage, meat-with-rice, lever, apple, poppy seeds, fish, cabbage-with-mushrooms, bilberry and other tasty stuffing. Not any single Russian feast can go without pirog pies. Even the word pirog itself comes from the Russian word pir that means feast meal. In old times pirog was an attribute of wedding, New Year party, name-day feast or just a celebrative dinner.

Everyone can afford visiting Nostalgia reasonable price is one of our undoubted advantages.


Nostalgia restaurant is a house for connoisseurs of Russian cuisine. Exquisite dishes made by our cooks according to the time-honored Russian recipes can fairly make cookery experts happy. Besides of traditional victuals, our cooks also can offer original dishes displaying the variety and innumerous advantages of Russian Far East sea products.

Ukha fish soup, borsch, red caviar pan cakes, salmon stew with mushrooms, scallop, squid, and crab, all the manner of original and classical salads these are just few dishes waiting for you in our restaurant.

Plunged in the atmosphere of the beginning of last century, surrounded by Emperor party portraits who are likely ready to leave their frames, our guests for a moment become an integral part of tsar Russia.

Thoughtful waiters will take your order, and cooks will perform it quickly and qualitatively. Qualified invisible guards unostentatiously controlling the atmosphere in the restaurant can guarantee the your calm rest. In the evenings one can admire live music in the restaurant hall.

In 2000 Nostalgia was estimated on it's true worth at prestigious national contest, where we have got the highest public award in sphere of restaurant business the Golden Crane statue in the nomination of Best cafe-restaurant. This recognizes the style, the cuisine, and the principles of our work as being in line with the best restaurants of Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

We offer several versions of menu corresponding to any occasion and income.

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